About the Vacuum of Space

At The Vacuum of Space we embrace all forms of space nerdiness, and love creating wearable space themed goods, spacey mugs for your coffee and more. This is THE spaced-out online gift shop you need to find the space and astronomy themed gifts for your astro obsessed friends and family.  We make super comfortable shirts, hoodies for men and women, and tanks for working out or riding couches - and strive to offer inclusive sizes. VOS also has baby and kids apparel to keep your kiddos outfitted to the stars.  Our selection of products and designs is always changing. 

Vacuum of Space Logo

But why call the store "Vacuum of Space"? The story goes back to the early '90s with a client in Arizona that store creator Scott Roberts had while working for telescope maker Meade Instruments called 'Sedona Vacuum and Telescope', where the proprietor sold vacuum cleaners on one side of the store, and telescopes on the other. Scott never forgot this client nor his unusual store, and he always thought he should rename it the "Vacuum of Space". So many years later, he thought that it would be a perfect name for a space exploration and astronomy inspired gift shop, and well, the rest is as they say "history'! 

The VacuumOfSpace.com offers t-shirts, mugs, tote bags, and other specialty gift items we draw our design inspiration from NASA, JPL, space travel, science fiction and mythology as well as pop culture like Star Wars and Star Trek, as well as original designs from the Vacuum of Space team.