Why Should you Buy or Sell your Used Optical Gear, and Why Should You Use LMNT?

Circa 1954 Unitron Refractor Telescope New Production

Unitron Circa 1954 - Inspection of new refractor telescope production. These Unitron telescopes made nearly 70 years ago if properly cared for, are probably still in excellent condition.

Buying used optical gear, no matter if it is a telescope, a microscope, binoculars, a spotting scope, a camera lens, or most accessories that work with these items is often an incredible value because optics do not wear out. There are many optics still being used decades after they were manufactured, and some are still considered best-of-breed.

We estimate that over the decades that there are literally millions of telescopes, microscopes, and binoculars that are unused and stored away in garages, closets, and storage units. You might have one in your possession right now that could be used by someone who would love to have one, but can't afford new. 

The goal is to keep as many of those optics out of storage as is possible to be used in the way they were intended. Gently used optics have a lifespan that will often exceed our own, and as a buyer, you will benefit from significant savings of the price you would pay if you bought the item new.

As a seller, you are not adding to our planet's trash heap or letting it just go unused, you are giving it a new life to someone who will use it and quite possibly have their lives changed for the better because of it. 

LMNT Market

Why Should I Consider Selling or Buying my Optics through the LMNT Market?

Today you have several options to sell your used optics (e.g. Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook, etc.). LMNT was developed to reach a much narrower and more targeted audience seeking to buy optical gear. 

When you sell or buy through the LMNT Market, the transaction is handled securely and at the time the buyer is ready to make the purchase. Purchases are screened for fraudulent use of credit cards. Shipment costs are paid by the buyer and are handled through LMNT, and we offer the customer shipping insurance through UPS Capital (that also covers "porch pirating"). The seller is paid upon proof of shipment. 

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