Vacuum of Space at STARMUS VI

Scott Roberts is at the world famous STARMUS VI event in Yerevan, Armenia and through a special arrangement from Explore Scientific he will be offering the telescope gear that he brought to the star party at the Temple of Garni. Here is a list of the equipment:

Explore Scientific Astrograph Package

Astrograph setup with two ED Air-Spaced Triplet Apos in Carbon Fiber tubes ED80 with FCD1 glass, and an ED102 with FCD100 glass), mounted on an Explore Scientific/Losmandy G11 - PMC-Eight II equatorial mount. Two QHY cameras (QHY163C and a QHY5L-II) and a NUC5i3RYB computer with all adapters, Optec Electric Focuser, Explore Scientific Zero Power Flat Field Adapter, Powered USB Hub, ReflexSight, and 8x50 Polar Illuminated Finderscope. This is a custom-optimized astrograph capable of being operated remotely over the Internet from anywhere in the world. Operates on 12v, 110v, or 220v.

Explore Scientific 10-inch Truss-Tube Dobsonians

Explore Scientific 10-inch Hybrid Truss Tube Dobsonian Telescope - DOB1045C
These 10-inch Newtonian reflectors on a Dobsonian style mount with easy to assemble trusses provide a highly portable, large-aperture solution for deep sky and planetary observations. The telescopes include two eyepieces, a two-speed 2-inch/1.25-inch focuser, a shroud, and a red-dot finder. There are ten units available after the star parties at STARMUS in Yerevan, Armenia.