Terms and Conditions for Sellers

LMNT Market™, LLC (LMNT) has created terms and conditions for Sellers in an effort to create an environment that is mutually beneficial.

[See Terms & Conditions for Buyers]

If LMNT finds a Seller and/or Buyer breaking the Terms and Conditions, they may face one or all of the following issues:

  • LMNT can hold payments
  • LMNT may temporarily suspend or permanently remove a Seller's store. and/or products, and access to the LMNT site.
  • LMNT may temporarily suspend or permanently remove a Buyer's access to the LMNT site. 
  • Removal of reviews from a Seller or specific product
  • Legal action against the Seller and/or the Buyer

LMNT Seller Agreement

When you set up an account, you need to sign the seller agreement. It is a general business contract with all relevant terms. However, there are a few sections within this agreement that need your special attention. They include:

  • LMNT can choose or not choose to allow any Seller to sell items or services in its marketplace.
  • As a Seller, you can terminate the contract at any time by contacting LMNT’s officials.
  • If your performance is poor, LMNT can withhold funds.
  • If you owe any money to LMNT, then they can collect it by any lawful means.
  • LMNT can impose transaction limits (this is a norm for novice sellers).
  • LMNT must give you 30 days’ notice before terminating the contract.
  • If LMNT warns a Seller, and the Seller fails to cure within 7 days of a cure notice and/or resorts to illegal activity, or actions that harm customers or LMNT, then LMNT can terminate the agreement on the spot.

General Guidelines for LMNT Sellers

LMNT Sellers are required to provide relevant and accurate information to LMNT and to buyers. If you have a business with a business name, it needs to identify you, and you must list your products in the appropriate category. You need to have a business name that identifies you and lists your products in the appropriate category. 

Using brand names, trademarks, or URLs, etc. that are not Seller's, where the Seller tries to deceive LMNT and/or Buyers is strictly prohibited.

Do not try to send Buyers away from the LMNT platform (lmntmarket.com). Any attempt to get around or evade the LMNT sales process or send Buyers to another website is strictly prohibited. You agree as a Seller to not send communication, including but not limited to text, SMS, social media messaging, phone calls, emails, or letters to the Buyers.  

Any communication efforts including but not limited to marketing or advertising efforts, that encourage buyers to leave LMNT is prohibited. Here are just some of the examples that you are not allowed to do in communicating from the LMNT platform or in any product listing with the buyers:

  • Use any hyperlinks, URL's, email addresses, phone numbers, QR codes, etc. 
  • That means, you are not allowed to use any hyperlinks, URLs, or web addresses in the emails you send to customers, or on any product listing page. 
  • Sellers can only use LMNT's messaging system to send emails. 
  • Do not misuse your customers’ contact information. If LMNT gives you the customer information, make sure you adhere to LMNT’s customer personal information policy. 
  • Do not try to disobey LMNT's system.
  • Do not cheat to get good reviews.

Feedback from Buyers: 

Reviews, ratings, and feedback provide buyers a way to express their evaluation of the performance of a seller and the product(s) that they sell. This feedback should be from authentic buyers only with their honest appraisal and opinions. Seller's cannot delete postings from a buyer. 

Sellers are prohibited from posting personal information or inappropriate content of any kind from the seller's account or to other accounts on the LMNT platform. Sellers are also prohibited from providing any incentive to buyers to provide feedback. However, if you feel that any feedback does not comply with LMNT's terms, you can use the "Feedback Misuse" to notify LMNT. 

Search Manipulation

Sellers are prohibited from manipulating the searches and browsing of buyers to influence traffic. 

  • Using misleading information in the Seller's listings is prohibited. 
  • No upselling.
  • No increasing of prices after the transaction.
  • No multiple Seller accounts.  

These Terms and Conditions for Sellers may be changed or updated at any time without notice. 

Updated 12/19/22